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It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Taking photographs, for me, is a way to capture a moment for infinity – to freeze time – to create immortality. 


Photography taught me to see the details in a composition, the way lines travel and lead the eye from place to place. 

Antique buffet from 1924 with fresh flowers and homeowner's own travel photographs framed on the wall above.
Bedroom with antique Indian door hanging above bed and travel books in nightstand.


Travel expanded my concept of beauty. I collected moments and locations and tastes. Along the way I also picked up art, rugs, stemware, pottery, boxes, textiles, trinkets and collectibles that each represented a memory, an experience, a laugh, an adventure. The blown glass green vase that sits on my bookshelf reminds me of the time I accidentally found myself in the middle of a march on the streets of Cairo, hand in hand with a friend living in Morocco shopping for her new belly dancing outfit (bedlah). The yellow paintings in my hallway bring back memories of wandering through the Flower and Bird Market in Shanghai, after zooming through streets full of traffic on my mini scooter with my twins in tow. The wood carvings in my guest bedroom are a symbol to me of the strength I discovered I had whilst at a boot camp in Chang Mai, Thailand, where I found the courage to make a life changing decision. My home tells the story of my life, the memories I’ve made, and the adventures I have embarked upon. 

Old Things

I don’t know if it is my love of stories or my belief in the importance of sustainable living that draws me to antiques, but I can’t help but find myself in antique stores wherever my travels take me.


To know that an article has lived a life long before it is in your possession seems romantic to me. Don’t get me wrong, I love new finely crafted pieces too, but mixing old and new items in a space feels right – like a community. A place where beauty finds a home. 

Antique burlwood and brass bar cart, antique mirror, and bone inlay mirror with sculpture.
Guest bedroom with travel souveniers as decor, Thai inspired headboard and nightstand, and Siamese cat pet Mia.


Biophilic design is a part of every designer’s repertoire of design styles now, but long before humans decided to name it, being out in nature is how I recharge. 

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