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Design Party

Not in the place to purchase new items, but want to know how to style your home with the treasures you already own? This package combines the expertise you get with an in-home consultation and the finesse of the Finishing Touches package with the fun of hosting a fun experience with your friends. Gather friends and we will walk you through your own space as if we are preparing for a photoshoot of your space, rearranging decor whilst discussing color theory, texture grouping, and styling. Think of this as a mini design workshop, where your home is the stage and we set the scene in a fun, stress free, economical way.  


Who would benefit from this service? People who…

  • Love to celebrate life with their friends and family

  • Want the benefit of a professional design consultant, but with the support of friends or family included

  • Enjoy hosting social events

  • Like to work and play collaboratively 

  • Have little time during the day to devote to design, but don’t want to spend their evenings ‘working’ 


The design party will focus on public spaces of your choice; you are in the driver’s seat. If you want to include personal spaces, that is completely up to you! Design parties typically last 2-4 hours and can be booked for evenings and weekends. Prices vary based on number of guests and time of booking. Interested in learning more? Reach out and we can discuss all the fun details! 

Booking Policy: Bookings close 5 days before the session starts.


Cancellation Policy: Consultation fees are non-refundable. If you are unable to make your appointment, we are happy to reschedule anytime within 48 hours of your appointment. We kindly ask that you add your appointment to your calendar so you won't miss us. Please be aware of the time zone booked. We look forward to learning more about your design needs. 

Dining room decorated in neutral tones with African art and artifacts and potted fig tree.

Lisa Fine 

“Without the presence of good books, delicious food, family, friends, and devoted pets, a house is not truly alive, regardless of the decoration.”

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