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Katherine's portrait


Katherine’s Bio

Inspired by my travels and adventurous life as an expat for over a decade, my design aesthetic pulls from the ease of the Caribbean, the wilds of Africa, and the exoticism of Asia. My home is a collection of art and treasures collected and curated, both old and new. My favorite haunts include the antique stores in downtown Rosenberg, TX, the bazaars of Cairo and Istanbul, and the Flower & Bird Market of Shanghai. 


Growing up, my father was a welder. He worked in a machine shop, welding together race car frames. He was promoted to foreman of the shop, but in his spare time he liked to build houses. He built the house I grew up in as a young girl, then built another, and eventually decided to leave his steady job to make a go of building custom homes. David Patton Construction, LLC was born and with it, my teenage years were spent on construction sites, in lighting showrooms, stone yards, and doing walkthroughs while dad ticked off his punch lists. 

My mother wanted to stay home with my sister and me while we were young, so she started her own drapery business so that she could sew from home. She made her way into real estate by the time I was grown. She always encouraged my creativity – putting me in private art lessons from a very young age, letting me pick out my favorite McCall’s patterns and fabrics and teaching me to sew my own clothes, and even supporting my early interior design proclivities by letting me fill squirt bottles full of paint and go all Jackson Pollock on my bedroom walls. 


Our family has always been about creating beautiful spaces for people. From my parents, I learned early on how to create a workable plan, the beauty of building things with integrity, and the importance of creativity and resourcefulness in achieving your vision. 









Katherine, interior designer, standing next to a couch in a living room she designed.
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